Blogging as a Business

Blogging as a Business

I remember the day I was to start my first website back then in 2013. The one who taught me how to blog was planning to sell one of his blogs for some thousand dollars and would set up another one as quickly as possible because it was a lot easier to rank a website back then.

Before 2012, a lot happened in the blogosphere. People could make hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing whatever online. They could bombard a site with poorly written content, pump in backlinks and within few weeks raked in their dollars. (I wish I started back then. Lol.

It was becoming unbearable for Google and they stepped in. Rolled in a lot of updates to bring sanity to the search Web.

The result is what we see today.

Blogging is Like Every Other Business Out There

The 4th blog I created was the beginning of my online business success. After few months, I was getting 10,000 visitors on the average daily and the dollars were pouring in.

All of a sudden, I began to lose my rankings. The traffic to the site dropped. And the earnings too. I tried all I could to no avail.

I tried to check why the downfall of a man came like tsunami only for me to see that a website in Nigeria started outranking me for any keyword from Nigeria (we’ll talk about geotargeting later).

Behind the Scenes

While I was happy my site was getting 10,000 visitors daily on average, there were some sites out there suffering as a result of my progress. Since there is harldy anything you search on google that a few sites won’t come up for, you hurt these sites when you rank for any keyword.

That tells you, to grow online, you have to pull some people down. When you are up, some people are down. We’re all sinners online.

And this is true for all businesses: you can stay relevant in your locality until someone else comes with better facilities and more money to run you down. All of a sudden, your revenues drop and if it gets tougher, you pull out of the business.

No matter how you see it, that’s the fate of every business around – you keep fighting if you want to stay relevant!

Back to Blogging

The way blogging is going, big companies will invest more in it, making it more difficult for ‘single person blogs’ to thrive. And there’s a little you can do as a lone ranger online, even in business generally.

When I bring people together to write and earn with me, it’s to create a community of writers through which we can fight together. (Now you understand why we met in the first place).

The Challenges

Most contents you put online will have to fight over a hundred thousands of related contents to win.

And when you win them today and stay on top of your game, another set of blogs are coming tomorrow to fight and win you too.

This is why I have contents that used to bring in a lot of search traffic but are nowhere to be found today!There were websites that used to threaten me too; they are nowhere ti be found today.

If you don’t keep on checking and working on contents you wrote some months ago, there’s every possibility that you’ll be overtaken anytime soon!

But… The fight is always worth it!

The Thrills

Did you just hear that the fight is always worth it?

Yes! Resilience, consistency and commitment always win the race.

It is my joy to see hundreds successful through blogging and I see that happening!

What if you quit? Who cares!

Wait… I care.

But let’s move on… The next session tomorrow…

Thank you.



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